Classy Lassie

Classy Lassie

in General October 1, 2020

It is with great pleasure that we can now announce our partnership with  Classy Lassie Wax, a new local

business that make fantastic  home fragrance items.

Craig and Nikkole the Managing Directors invited Angela to Classy HQ to develop the first of three charity

scents which is available to buy from 1st October at

 Scent Name: Shelley's Star (named after Les's daughter Shelley who was diagnosed with cancer 29 years


Scent Description: A Vibrant fruity blend with notes of Ruby Red Lingonberries, Raspberries, Blueberries &

Tart Cassis interwoven with a Citrus blast of Sweet Orange, Bergamot and Aldehydic top notes. A creamy

base of Vanilla adds a comforting warmth.

Please remember to add this fragrance to your basket along with all your other scents when you shop online

at and on their facebook page. The more of this product purchased  the more

money the charity receives. from 25p to £1 will be donated depending on the product to support our wee